Welcoming Idaho

Our Values

Acceptance: Immigration is an American experience and acceptance is an American value. The contributions of immigrants make our nation and our state stronger. The greater the diversity of skills and experiences we have, the more we can achieve together.

Opportunity: An essential part of creating a welcoming Idaho is to create real opportunities for everyone in our communities. A job that pays a living wage, a chance to own a home for the first time, a scholarship to be the first in your family to attend college, a loan to start a small business - these are the opportunities that have helped families in our communities prosper over the generations.

Compassion: To be compassionate is to both recognize that others are less fortunate and to help alleviate the suffering and distress of others.  As individuals, we are all responsible for ourselves.  As community members, we are responsible for acting compassionately, welcoming those in need to our communities.

Fairness: Fairness is one of our most deeply held values. Since the passage of the fourteenth amendment after the Civil War, we have been striving to ensure equal protection of the laws for everyone. Sometimes we´ve done better than others. While the gains of the civil rights movement were a huge leap forward in ensuring fair treatment for all people, regardless of race, the legacy of discrimination lives on in the neglect of the basic rights of immigrants.

Respect: Idahoans remember, honor, and value our roots, and we respect and embrace the values of family, faith, and hard work. Idahoans are welcoming people, and we believe in a shared responsibility to treat all neighbors with respect and decency. We share a fundamental belief in the human dignity of all people.

The Welcoming Idaho Committee

Tom Dale, Mayor of Nampa
Alicia Clements, Community Member
Adan Ramirez, Community Member
Amy Herzfeld, Director, Idaho Human Rights Education Center
Kelli Kinkela, Board Member, Idaho Human Rights Education Center
Cristina McNeil, Market Real Estate
Father Jesús Camacho, St. Mary´s Catholic Church
Dr. Will Rainford, Catholic Charities of Idaho
Sally Sanders, Community Member
Dr. Robert McCarl, Boise State University
Jesús Torres, Community Member
Jolene Poen, Community Member
Fernando Mejia, Student Leader, Boise State University
Ed Keener, President, Interfaith Alliance of Idaho
Sam Byrd, Director, Centro de Comunidad y Justicia

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